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No paint can hide a surface which is in poor condition, thus finished paintwork will only be as good as the time spent ensuring a thorough preparation.
Before applying paint to your surfaces, B&B Painting assesses the time and effort required to prepare the surfaces for painting. I check for signs of old paint, peeling, flaking, cracking, chalking or blistering. I ensure that the surface is repaired to a smooth and dry base before applying any paint using the following methods:

Interior Filling and Patching...

Filling and patching holes and gaps are essential stages in the preparation process. Imperfections not treated during the preparation phase will become accentuated under new paint work. B&B Painting invests the time and energy to ensure that woodwork, walls, ceilings, windows and doors are thoroughly checked for imperfections and gaps. Once these areas are sighted they will be brought to the client’s attention and possible repair strategies will be addressed. Upon approval we then patch holes and fill cracks and gaps. Next we sand and prepare surfaces thoroughly where required before applying any paint. If necessary we also prime and seal water stains along with new and repaired areas.

Interior Painting...

We keep our job sites neat and clean at all times to ensure your satisfaction by doing the following: Mask and drop cloth your home thoroughly.
Paint is applied to walls and ceilings using high quality rollers for a high quality finish.

Exterior Cleaning...

We recommend that exterior surfaces are cleaned using a high-pressure system to remove any unsightly mold, fungus and stains prior to painting, where required.

Exterior Sanding...

A weathered and worn surface makes an unstable base and will encourage paint flaking and peeling, so we spend appropriate effort and time scraping, sanding and preparing any loose, peeling or flaking paint. We then patch holes and fill cracks and gaps before applying paint.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is done after all surfaces have been prepared. We take precaution not to get any paint on windows, shrubbery and landscaping.
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