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Choosing Color

One of the most exciting parts of the painting process is that of choosing an appropriate color scheme to fit in with your personal style and décor, so it is important that you spend time making sure that you make the right choice to avoid disappointment.

Color is affected by everything else surrounding it- such as light and shadow, other colors and furnishings. The use of color can be very effective in changing the way a room appears, for example the use of a dark color on a very high ceiling can make the ceiling appear considerably lower.

In picking out an appropriate color scheme appropriate to your home, it is important that the following is considered: basic room features like space, size and ceiling height; number of doorways and windows in the room; amount of natural light the room receives; and the aspect of the room.

Yellows and apricots can bring life and cheer in into any room. Pale yellows are reflective, making them good for hallways. Balance the use of yellows with whites and neutrals as they can become overwhelming.

Blues can make north facing rooms feel cooler, and lighter shades of blue can expand an area, but, as with yellows, blues should be counterbalanced with neutrals.
Greens work well with contrasts.

Reds, pinks and plums make you feel physically warm and some shades can make a room feel romantic. Plums and burgundies can create stunning, elegant and traditional feels, and look glorious in large rooms, hallways, stairwells and old houses.

Purples, violets and lilacs can "energize" hallways and woodwork features. For striking effect, combine violets and lilacs in details and trims. For a refreshing feel in bedrooms and living areas, contrast lighter tones of purples with neutrals.

Orange is energetic. Burnt orange can create the feeling of autumn: rustling leaves, long afternoon walks and soft golden sunshine.

The smart use of neutrals can create a peaceful feeling. For total calmness, compliment neutrals with special furnishings and decorate items. A room painted in white can create neutrality and can emphasize fabrics and art.

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